Fashion Nova

When Americans approached the digital oracle that is Google this year, their queries spoke to their deepest desires, their passing curiosities, their fears and their most pressing fashion questions.

And top of mind was Fashion Nova, which edged out Louis Vuitton, Versace, Givenchy and the rest as the top trending search for fashion brands — although that does not necessarily mean those were the brands that received the most searches.

That’s the second top trending year in a row for the Instagram-friendly Fashion Nova, which is led by chief executive officer Richard Saghian. In a rare interview in February, Saghian told WWD that “overpriced fashion is dead” and “Fashion Nova is the fastest-growing women’s apparel company.”

The affordable Fashion Nova features a lot of tight looks and syncs up well with Cardi B, who has a collection on the site and plenty of social buzz to speed the brand along.

People also took to Google to mine fashion’s recent history, searching for “Eighties fashion,” “Grunge style,” “Nineties fashion” and “Aughts fashion.”

Those broad brush terms help prove, once more, that everything old is new again and that the style cycle is only speeding up with trends and throwback styles coming and going faster than ever as the web churns up popular culture from recent decades with post-modern abandon.

The logged on world also has questions galore for the beauty industry, including: “How to apply magnetic lashes?” “What is lash lift?” “How to remove individual eyelashes?” and the hopeful, “What hair color looks best on me?”

While the study is not a scientific psychological profile, but more a take on what Google found interesting in the world of search, it is telling that the fashion queries offered are general and the beauty queries are more specific.

After years on the upswing, the beauty industry remains hot and much of that heat has been coming from the web. Beauty tutorial videos, for instance, ready audiences online early as people searched for tips and techniques.

Beauty brands have also had more luck than their fashion counterparts connecting early online and many built large digital customer bases years ago and are exploiting them now.

The top trending beauty searches were Beautycounter, Charlotte Tilbury, Makeup Revolution, Thrive Causemetics and Pat McGrath.

Google’s annual year in search review came just a day after ceo Sundar Pichai testified before the House Judiciary Committee in Washington, D.C., answering technology questions, addressing privacy and rejecting allegations that the search engine had a liberal bias.

President Trump did not turn up in any of the U.S. top trending searches highlighted by Google, but his influence was there.

The top “How to…” trending searches were, “How to vote” and “How to register to vote.”