Snapchat worked with influencers like CyreneQ on its new Insights tool.

The visual web just took another step forward as Google and Snapchat moved into each others’ turf. 

Clearly, Snapchat’s “Stories” approach and Google’s love of all things analytics are worthy of emulation.

Building on the buzz around its Snapchat redesign, Snap Inc. revealed a new “Insights” metrics tool Wednesday aimed at influencers. The goal, said a company spokeswoman, is to provide a better understanding of a Snapchat account’s followers and the content that resonates with them. 

Insights allows users with large audiences to drill down into audience data, including “Total Story Views,” “Time Spent Viewing Stories,” “Daily Research” and engagement, as well as age and gender breakdown and interests, among other details.

“Before, I didn’t know who my audience was,” said Cyrene Quiamco, an artist and Snapchat influencer whose CyreneQ brand has upward of 100,000 followers. “You had to just guess, the audience that’s the most active, and which stories perform the best.” CyreneQ has been testing Snapchat Insights for a few weeks now, and she noted some surprises along the way — including a core fan base of 13- to 17-year-old girls and a midweek peak time.

“I thought Saturday was going to be, like, my best day, but I was off,” she said. 

With the tool, content creators can learn more about viewer interests across lifestyle categories, such as film and TV, travel, food, fashion and sports, in addition to their audiences’ locations or primary geographic regions.

Influencer Cyrene Quiamco, aka CyreneQ  Courtesy photo

The tool is the result of user feedback, the spokeswoman said. Snap listened to high-value, high-volume users such as CyreneQ on which metrics they’d find most valuable and which would open up future monetization opportunities. 

“It helps me schedule and actually guide the brands,” added Quiamco, who has worked with Walmart, OPI, Daniel Wellington, Samsung, Pixar, MTV, Coca-Cola and others. “[I can tell them,] ‘If we’re going to do a takeover, some kind of Snapchat story, we should do it during Wednesday, because I get the most views on Wednesday.’”

For now, the metrics are solely contained within the Snapchat app, so third-party analytics tools won’t be able to plug in to the new feature. Official Story account holders and other creators with large audiences can access Insights through their Snapchat profile screen.

Snapchat’s Audience Insights  Courtesy photo

Just as Snap makes way for metrics, search giant Google, which is known for its analytics, is testing touch-friendly card-style mobile format using a rather Snapchat-like Stories design.

Accelerated Mobile Pages — AMP for short — are “a mobile-focused format for delivering news and information as visually rich, tap-through stories,” wrote Google’s AMP product manager Rudy Galfi on Google’s Developer Blog this week.

AMP highlights editorial content from partners, setting them off in a section titled “Visual Stories” on the search results page with multimedia cards. People can tap to choose a card, which expands full-screen so the user can view the news, fashion articles or other content. And, just like Snapchat and Instagram, the viewer can swipe through to peruse other stories.

The cards have already started showing up on mobile devices at Publishing partners include CNN, Condé Nast, Hearst, Mashable, Meredith, Mic, Vox and the Washington Post.

Google’s focus on multimedia and card-style formats is not likely a shot at Snapchat, but rather Instagram-parent company Facebook. The tech giants have been locked in a heated battle in the search wars for years. Facebook’s sheer numbers make it one of the only competitors that could face off against Google’s search engine dominance.

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