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Grokker, which positions itself as a premium wellness video network, said today that it partnered with Bloomingdale’s to launch a wellness initiative for shoppers. The partnership will feature in-store events and online wellness challenges for the month of May that are tailored to Bloomingdale’s customer base.

Grokker’s fitness, yoga and mindfulness videos are customized to meet the needs of businesses seeking wellness programs and solutions for employees. Video lengths range from three to 90 minutes and offer a range of expert-led fitness programs, including morning yoga, indoor cycling, pilates, meditation and healthy eating.

The collaboration with Bloomingdale’s grants shoppers a free Grokker subscription for the month of May to, the ability to attend complimentary yoga, fitness and health classes for shoppers in select store locations and an assortment of in-store gifts available with purchase. Shoppers can also join Grokker’s month of May “best-of” wellness challenge, which awards the winner a $500 Bloomingdale’s gift card and lifetime membership to Grokker. The challenge is designed to “strengthen body and mind,” and was custom-built for the Bloomingdale’s consumer.

Initially created as a direct-to-consumer model, Grokker evolved its platform based on demand from businesses that sought enterprise wellness programs for employees. The firm has serviced over 200,000 employees across a variety of sectors, including Aetna, The Biltmore, The Linux Foundation, Survey Monkey and Fire Eye. Grokker reports that 92 percent of employees rate its programs with 4 or 5 stars out of 5, and that 10 minutes of exercise per day through a Grokker platform can reduce absenteeism by as much as five days per year.

Grokker’s platform is available across a wide range of devices, including mobile. Photo courtesy of Grokker. 

Lorna Borenstein, the chief executive officer of Grokker, told WWD, “The thing that’s really different and cool about this partnership is that it’s the first of its kind [where] a national retailer is partnering with a global digital wellness company to connect with their shoppers in order to help them feel understood at a much deeper level than they ever could by just trying to sell apparel in the store.”

“People are talking about the death of retail, but if you can connect with your consumer and understand where they’re spending their time and what they care about, [you can bring] them something they couldn’t get without you,” Borenstein added.

Borenstein noted that as a global wellness service available anytime, on any device, “Grokker is able to reach Bloomingdale’s customers all over the world with this motivating challenge. Our experts can’t wait to engage with their fans at Bloomingdale’s stores around the country and help spread the message of holistic well-being.”

Anne Keating, the senior vice president of public relations for Bloomingdale’s, said that “health and wellness is important to our customers, and we continually look for innovative ways to help incorporate fitness into their everyday lives. From our exciting activewear assortment to free videos from Grokker for the month of May to in-store events, it’s an exciting time at Bloomingdale’s to embrace a healthy lifestyle.”

Grokker’s platform has been accessed by 172 countries and is available across desktop and mobile devices, including Apple watches, Amazon Prime and various television networks.

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