Gucci Beauty's first Portal AR Lens in Snapchat is a game touting its Bloom line of fragrances.

Promoting perfume online can be a challenging affair, as the tech sector hasn’t quite figured out how to transmit scents over the Internet. But billboard advertisers and TV commercial producers know that visuals can make for a powerful stand-in.

Now Gucci Beauty and Snapchat are taking the concept further, with an immersive augmented reality experience that launched Sunday to promote the company’s Bloom fragrances in the U.S.

The partners have released a new Portal Lens-based game that invites U.S. Snapchatters into the virtual environment of the Gucci Bloom Garden of Dreams. As Mazzy Star’s “Fade Into You” plays in the background, users navigate a lush green labyrinth, seeking out hidden bottles of all five Bloom fragrances, including the newest, Gucci Bloom Profumo di Fiori.

A glimpse of the virtual Gucci Bloom Garden of Dreams.  Courtesy image

A flowing fountain and red flowers accent the scene, and when players find the perfumes, a shower of rose petals celebrates the win. There are hidden extras, plus a redirect to the Bloom landing page.

The idea is to offer a bit of magic and whimsy, through the use of Snap Inc.’s technology.

Gucci Beauty previously partnered last year with Snap to develop a lens integrating virtual animations into reality for Gucci Mémoire d’Une Odeur. Now the latest Bloom Portal lens aims to transport fans into a 3-D environment where they can interact with virtual objects.

Gucci has long partnered with Snap on various AR projects — including an at-home shoe try-on and the Harmony Korine Snapchat Spectacles and Portal Lens holiday collaboration — but the game marks the first Portal Lens for the brand’s beauty group.