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Datacolor, a color management solution firm, said it partnered with Hugo Boss to supply the brand with its proprietary color measurement technology. The firm supports apparel and textile companies in color development, measurement and quality control and provides an extensive selection of software, hardware and services for end-end color control, formulation, communication and specification.

In its partnership with Hugo Boss, the firm implemented its Benchmark Spectrophotometer technology, which enables accurate color measurement for textile development. Datacolor’s technology is the backbone of Hugo Boss’s “Create Your Look” modular mix and match system that allows for different cuts, styles and sizes to be combined. “Create Your Look” requires color consistency throughout the garment, as each bolt of fabric must match the quality and color of every other bolt of fabric.

Datacolor’s technology meets the demand for brands that are required to maintain a strict color agreement throughout their supply chain. Hugo Boss has utilized various Datacolor technologies since 2008 and plans to extend its partnership after the success of its digital color quality control program that was supported by the Datacolor 800 Spectrophotometer. Anja Sick, senior technical operations laboratory, product division clothing at Hugo Boss, said that “Finally [there will be] no more discussions about color appearance based on subjective perception. Moreover, Hugo Boss is saving time and money by not having to dispatch color samples.”

A Mix & Match suit from Hugo Boss. Photo courtesy of Hugo Boss. 

A 12-by-12 cm. standard-size fabric is used as a color reference for each bolt and is pre-tested for “visual acceptability” in a light booth that evaluates a range of samples under differing lighting conditions. Each color standard and sample is measured with a Datacolor 800 Spectrophotometer and strict “tolerances” for color matching are set for each standard and told to the suppliers. As a result, Hugo Boss colorists do not need to visually assess samples that suppliers have already evaluated.

Dustin Bowersox, the marketing manager for textiles and apparel at Datacolor, told WWD that “80 of the top 100 retailers around the world entrust Datacolor with their color management solution, and over 3,500 apparel suppliers rely on Datacolor’s expertise. Some of the well-known brands worldwide like Hugo Boss, Nike, Under Armour, have been long time Datacolor customers and partners in defining best practices in textile color communications.”

Bowersox continued, “Datacolor has a long history in supporting apparel and textile companies to achieve shorter lead times, meet cost pressures and increase quality and productivity demands. The unique end-to-end solution addresses the critical issues faced by all partners in a textile supply chain in order to expedite color development and deliver optimum color quality, adding significant value to the complex color management process. As a leader in objective color management, Datacolor provides software, hardware and services that touches all aspects of color specification, color communication, color formulation and color control.”

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