Data analytics firm Hypr has upgraded its “influencer search and discovery solution” by including new functionality as well as housing more than 12 million influencers across all major social platforms.

The upgrade ranks influencers “based on their actual impact on conversations in a specific topic, as opposed to traditional ranking methods which focus on follower count or engagement,” the company said today, adding that the new functionality “currently recognizes over 30,000 conversation topics.”

The database is updated throughout the day, and the company said the solution now includes a breakdown of topics into subtopics. “Beauty, for example, is broken down into multiple smaller subtopics including eyeliner, hair care, lipstick, skin care, makeup, eye shadow, perfume, and more,” the company said.

The upgrade comes at a time when brands and retailers are becoming more tactical in how and where they use influencers. Gil Eyal, chief executive officer and founder of Hypr, said, “It’s time for the industry to move past stale, three-year-old limited databases.”

“Our new engine follows Google’s lead and assigns influencers a score that varies based on their influence on a specific subject and in specific conversations,” Eyal explained. “You might be extremely influential in one context and not at all in another.”

The company is offering a free trial of the solution. Hypr said in a statement that in addition to topics, “the tool allows brands to identify influencers who have recently used a keyword, a hashtag, or have mentioned a brand or another influencer in their posts.” Results are updated every six hours, which is to make sure brands and retailers “are presented with influencers who are currently influential in a specific space and have an audience that will engage with their message.”

Ryan Berger, senior partner at Hypr, said that while it’s valuable “to know if someone was a mommy blogger three years ago, if you are trying to sell pregnancy-related products, you really need to know which of the millions of mommy bloggers out there is speaking with her audience about pregnancy — right now.”

Berger noted there are over 10 million people on Instagram “with more than 10,000 followers each.” And tracking them manually, “or even discovering them is virtually impossible. You need to be able to quickly discover and then evaluate which of the millions of influential accounts currently speak to your audience about the subjects that matter to you.”



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