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IBM Watson has served an ace. The technology company deployed its newest iteration of artificial intelligence enhancements at the U.S. Open, calling for spectator engagement. Powered on its cloud platform, IBM Watson Media has the functionality to analyze images, video, language, sentiment and tone.

“The U.S. Open is packed with so much action across so many courts that even the fastest video team is challenged to keep pace with what’s happening,” said Noah Syken, IBM vice president of sports and entertainment partnerships. “To meet that challenge, Watson is now watching the matches alongside the USTA to help bring fans closer to the best moments across the courts shortly after they happen.”

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Partnering with the U.S. Tennis Association, fans will be able to access video highlights quickly. The U.S. Open will deploy its cognitive highlights feature, which identifies each match’s most important moments by analyzing tennis data, sounds from the crowd, and player reactions based on action and facial recognition. The software then analyzes each match and automatically surfaces highlights.

Fans are able to view the videos via multiple platforms and channels. Watson-ranked videos are available on USTA’s Facebook page. Fans who favor certain tennis players can receive push notifications on mobile devices. Player bio pages feature uploaded videos, should they make the cut.

Simply the first induction of the technology, brands and retailers looking to reinforce consumer experiences and relieve current pain points will be able to furnish elevated product searches based on robust meta data. Highly informed suggestions for new video content will be based on deep understandings of viewer preferences. Users will also be able to tap its speech-to-text functionality, which facilitates speedier transcription. Content will also be flagged for adult content and violence to permit segmenting videos.

As Millennials and those of Generation Z scramble to video platforms, brands and retailers are charged with delivering captivating content in authentic venues. Those looking to accurately promote original content and targeted marketing strategies will benefit from mining rich analyses to resonate with prospective shoppers.

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