Ed Gribbin is founder and ceo of Gribbin Strategic LLC., previously he was president of Alvanon, Inc. before joining Impactiva as chief engagement officer.

Quality assurance and supply chain solutions provider Impactiva, appointed industry veteran Ed Gribbin as its chief engagement officer.

Partnering with major brands and retailers since 2003 to help improve their supply chain efficiencies, Impactiva leans into lean manufacturing know-how to improve factories’ processes as it relates to on-site quality assurance, quality control and more.

In an industry constantly aiming for disruption and process improvement in its supply chains, Jose R. Suarez, founder and chief executive officer of Impactiva, said Gribbin will be able to translate the needs of the “new generation of consumers.” By tapping into his vision for Industry 4.0, Gribbin “will propel Impactiva as we enter our next chapter of innovation and growth,” in the words of Suarez.

Prior to Impactiva, Gribbin served as president of Alvanon Inc. until 2018, before assuming a role as senior adviser. Alvanon is a leading innovations technology company prioritizing size standards for its apparel brand partners. Gribbin is also founder and ceo of Gribbin Strategic LLC, a boutique consultancy advising fashion and apparel businesses, while serving on global boards pertaining to the apparel and footwear industry. Announced for reelection in March, Gribbin is named on the board of directors for the American Apparel & Footwear Association, as well as other trade organizations.

On joining Impactiva, Gribbin is eager to “help to build a brighter, more transparent future not only for brands, retailers and their customers but also for the millions of artisans who make what we wear.” Having a hand in developing and implementing product development and supply chain solutions for years, he believes Impactiva’s approach to digital supply chain solutions is next-generation and crucial for industry transformation. Through digital supply chain solutions, improvements are already being made to improve efficiency, quality, flexibility and cost in apparel supply chains.

As for what’s next, Impactiva is preparing to launch its new development in manufacturing excellence systems and digital learning, while continuing its focus on transforming the industry, in every step of the supply chain.

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