Incite 6.0

Multimedia Plus has upgraded its Incite in-store sales associate interactive training platform to work on all mobile devices, including iOS, Android, Mac and Windows via a universal app. Incite 6.0 features in-app “search functionality” and automatic video compression as well as other enhancements.

David Harouche, founder and chief executive officer of Multimedia Plus, said the universal app “answers the need from many clients to provide communications and training on every device in-store. As the need for communications increases, Incite can now be available wherever associates need to access it.”

The upgrade comes as retailers continue to make investments in training sales associates. Better trained associates can increase in-store conversions.

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Multimedia Plus describes its platform as a mobile-first app that “enables data-rich metrics from bite-sized video-based communications and training programs.” The idea is for sales associates to use the program in the time between helping customers. “Managers and executives can then measure the data against KPIs from the most local and individual levels to a global scale, and make informed decisions that will drive growth,” the company added.

As a communication tool, the 6.0 version can facilitate “global broadcasting.” Messages can be sent to all associates in the field and include, for example, notices about upcoming promotions, policy changes and social media events.

David Harouche

David Harouche  Courtesy image.

Through the evolution of its various versions, Incite now operates without a web browser, or the need to have streaming bandwidth. The company describes the current version as offering a “fully branded experience that customizes all elements in every module from a single app.”

A branded experience is designed to “resonate with associates and reinforce company culture while driving business goals,” the company said.

Harouche noted that his company was recently awarded “a second patent for mitigating high-bandwidth content issues that have been a major obstacle in effectively training and communicating to the front line.” The patented technology is used by top fashion brands, and is deployed globally and translated into more than 22 languages.

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