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WWD asked top influencers worldwide to weigh in on how their life was changed by the advent of Apple’s iPhone.

HUDA KATTAN: “I’ve had so many smartphones in the past, but when Apple pioneered the App Store and we saw the introduction of social media platforms like Instagram on iPhones, I was hooked. The iPhone was the most genius creation for allowing us to organize everything in one place — to me, it’s the everything phone. It’s made everything accessible, revolutionized the way we communicate and made the world flat. I can’t live without it.”

CAMILA COELHO: “My iPhone is my staple every single day. I would be lost without Airdrop. The fact that I can “drop” my photos to my editors and team without needing to use the Internet or losing quality is absolutely amazing.”

JULIA ENGEL, GAL MEETS GLAM: “Before the invention of the iPhone, seeing someone glued to their phone, they’d stick out. If you were on your phone, it meant you were only doing one of three things: texting, calling or playing games — remember Snake? Now, when we’re on our phones we’re connected to the world in levels very few people could have conceived of 10 years ago. It’s not just one or two people in a crowd, it’s everyone in the crowd. Some might be texting, some might be on Instagram, they could be FaceTiming with relatives on the other side of the world or a million other things. That ability to connect is also what allowed me to develop and grow my business. As someone who travels a lot, I’m constantly on my iPhone — checking e-mails, getting on conference calls, updating my site, posting to my social channels, taking photos, editing photos, texting family that we miss, following my friends, playing games, reading and more. I honestly can’t imagine my life without it.”

LUANNA PEREZ-GARREAUD, LE HAPPY: “My life and career have definitely changed since the advent of the iPhone. I’ve been a blogger since the early days…and I have experienced the transition from being an influencer on the web to being one on social media governed by iPhone apps. I really enjoy the change because it allows you to have immediate access to your followers, connecting and networking from your phone. You can work wherever and whenever rather than wait to be in an office, and you can share events and real situations live. It has become so instant, which can also play against you. Because people crave the immediacy, you have to always be on top of your game, creating content 24/7 to stay relevant.”

JACEY DUPRIE, DAMSEL IN DIOR: “Bringing an iPhone into my life changed the way that I approach my career. If it weren’t for my iPhone, I wouldn’t have started my blog. Having such a creative tool on hand 24/7 to help create quality content has made the iPhone the most important device to my job. The iPhone also inspires me to create, live a balanced life and continue learning with the hundreds of apps that are available to teach, inspire and assist in living a well-rounded lifestyle.”

DANIELLE BERNSTEIN, WE WORE WHAT: “The iPhone to me is like Alessandro Michele to Gucci. It keeps me relevant and is the core source of my business.”

MARIANNA HEWITT: “The iPhone has changed my life. I never thought I would get rid of my Blackberry and BBM, but as soon as I got my iPhone I downloaded an app called Instagram, which I thought was a filtering app to put Valencia on my pictures before sharing them to Twitter. Soon after, my photos ended up on the popular page — remember that? — and I was getting followers. Who knew? This eventually lead to me starting a blog and is now my full-time job, none of which would have been possible without an iPhone — so it’s safe to say I owe it my life.”

ARIELLE NACHMANI, SOMETHING NAVY: The iPhone spawned this growth of mass social networking and user-generated content, allowing ordinary consumers — like me — to become content generators. Sometimes I forget that on the other side of the phone is an audience of [more than] a million people.…Thanks to the user-friendly interface and the hi-res colorful screen, apps like Instagram has helped us all achieve the creep status of 10. We could stop and stare at a photo as we please and be stalkers in the comforts of our own home — ugh, that black hole gets me every time!

“With the touch of a finger, I can have my dinner delivered to me, shop at my favorite stores, answer e-mails — all without even stepping foot outside. Ultimately, fine it enables my laziness, but then again it’s created a life of convenience where it opens up more time to be more efficient at work and spend time with my family. The iPhone is a conundrum where I feel so connected to the world, yet the real connection with people has gotten lost. I can go catch up with a friend I haven’t seen in months and yet we know what each of us have been up to already.”

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