China is key to e-commerce growth.

Payment solution provider Ingenico Group has rolled out a suite of payment methods in China that now supports WeChat Pay. The suite includes the ability to integrate WeChat Official Accounts as well as “Mini-Programs.”

The Amsterdam-based company said the suite “fully caters to the preferences of local consumers” in China, thereby enabling “online businesses to gain better access to one of the world’s most significant online markets.” The company said since more than 80 percent of local Chinese consumers are “unique mobile users,” the rollout required teaming with WeChat Pay as well as Alipay and UnionPay.

Gabriel de Montessus, senior vice president of global online for Ingenico Group, said the company’s longtime presence and activity “in China means that we are perfectly positioned to partner with merchants wanting to access the truly local consumer market. Our expertise here, combined with this new set of payment capabilities, will allow international merchants to reach Chinese consumers that were previously difficult to access.”

The launch of the payment suite comes as direct-to-consumer brands across business segments continue to look for cross-border e-commerce opportunities in top markets such as China. According to industry analysts, China garners about 25 percent of all global Internet users.

Ingenico described the integration with WeChat as a “crucial advantage that allows the 1.1 billion WeChat users to complete their purchase without leaving the WeChat environment.”

The company also noted that it is offering an upgraded Alipay integration option to customers, which will enable “these businesses to reach the vast majority of online consumers in China, while also allowing them to offer real-time payments, both on desktop and mobile devices.”

“Furthermore, Ingenico supports UnionPay’s SecurePay and ExpressPay solutions as part of a comprehensive payment solution designed to cater to a greater range of local payment preferences in China,” the company said, adding that through its platform, retailers and brands “can offer Chinese yuan to consumers via these payment methods, which is critical for conversion and customer experience.”