Lectra's Innovation Lab in Bordeaux, France.

Tuesday, Lectra announced the opening of its Innovation Lab, in the company’s central technological campus in Bordeaux, France.

Lectra, since 1973, has been prioritizing the digitalization of industry. And fashion is no stranger to their innovation, as 90 percent of the “leading global luxury brands work with Lectra,” according to the firm.

The lab is the vision of Philippe Ribera, who is vice president of Innovation at Lectra, and serves to explore emerging trends and spark innovative solutions across the fashion, automotive and furniture markets.

With an intent to foster collaboration, the lab will partner with existing organizational ecosystems at Lectra, participating in design and idea generation workshops.

Directly applied to innovating within the fashion industry, Lectra’s Innovation Lab abides by the following principle: “to rethink the entire value chain of this industry.”

Through proof of concept demonstrations in the Lab, both brands and manufacturers are connected with “practical and innovative solutions” which better streamline innovation.

Endeavors include the Digtex project, whereby the Innovation Lab focuses on the digitalization of fabric development, exploring fabric types and body measurements.

The Digtex project is launched in collaboration with Lectra, the Centre Européen des Textiles Innovants and the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Industries Textiles.

Research projects in the Innovation Lab are “inspired by the issues faced by Lectra’s customers” such as the need for customizable clothing and traceability.

Commenting on the role innovation plays in transforming the company culture, Véronique Zoccoletto, chief transformation officer at Lectra, said  “they [the Innovation Lab teams] are making tangible advances in strengthening Lectra’s and our employees’ commitment to follow this path and lead our customers toward success.”

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