Instagram expanded content limitations for Carousel advertisers Thursday, tripling its ad publishing capacity from one Story content card to three.

The goal: to inspire and give advertisers more room to explore its Stories format. Instagram has been noting popular trends among its user base and wanted to give brands the capacity to bring more depth to their storytelling.

“We’re extending more creative flexibility to the two million advertisers on Instagram by letting them tap into the behaviors we see from the community,” said Susan Rose, product marketing director at Instagram. “With the additional content, you can imagine a designer building excitement and anticipation in an ad for their next collection or a retailer showcasing three different looks for the same winter coat. We’re excited to see how advertisers use these Stories ads to surprise us with their creativity.”

According to the company, multimedia does well in Stories, as does sequential storytelling, with its bite-sized, easy-to-consume content, and thematic grouping, which showcases related content in a single Story. For retailers and brands, that could involve showing different looks for a given coat or pair of shoes, or offering background looks behind a product or a campaign.

Not that ads haven’t been performing well on the platform. One-third of the most viewed Instagram Stories come from businesses, a spokeswoman said. And parent company Facebook called out its success on Wednesday’s fourth-quarter earnings call, crediting the photo-sharing network as one of the main drivers of the organization’s overall ad growth. As many as 500 million people visit Instagram daily, with 300 million using Stories.

The expanded content will roll out with select clients that include Nordstrom, Coca-Cola, Netflix and Gap.

Gap took to the platform to share its Logo Remix campaign, which features the brand’s classic logos mashed-up, revamped and reset with today’s global influences. “We love using Instagram’s creative tools to add fun details to our creative,” said Gap’s chief marketing officer Craig Brommers. “The full-screen format of Instagram Stories makes it feel like you’re part of the remix.”

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