Intelistyle secures $600,000 in seed funding.

As a wave of personalization coaxes segments of the shopping journey to get more human, personal styling is getting smarter by way of artificial intelligence.

And to help meet this demand in technology, Intelistyle, “the AI personal stylist” solution for fashion retailers, partnered with Metavallon VC and the AI Techstars program in Montreal to secure $600,000 in seed funding to help scale its AI-powered styling advice platform across U.S. and European markets.

Launched in December 2017 by cofounders Kostas Koukoravas and Michael Michelis, Intelistyle’s mission is to help fashion retailers “cost-efficiently scale their human styling services” and create “distinctive in-store experiences” through artificial intelligence. The service aims to fill in gaps across the e-commerce space by offering complete “look styling,” an AI-chatbot and visually similar product recommendations for out-of-stock products.

Along the in-store experience, Intelistyle is providing an opportunity for fit and style recommendations in various points along the shopping journey, such as the fitting room or by a handheld device on the selling floor.

Not ignoring the relevance of mobile, an Intelistyle app allows customers the convenience of shopping anywhere with personalized advice, “instant outfit ideas” and a “wardrobe management” solution that offers the benefit of pairing items in a customer’s closet.

Intelistyle differentiates its technology from other personal styling services via “user-generated photography,” which “constantly learns from the latest trends and then tailors recommendations to each user’s body type, colors and personal style,” according to cofounder Koukoravas.

Excited about partnering with Intelistyle to “build out their vision,” Yorgos Mousmoulas, partner of Metavallon VC, described  Intelistyle as a “leader in offering a personal and inspirational shopping experience.”

With 94 percent of retailers viewing personalization as a key measure for success, technologies such as Intelistyle are tailoring the industry for improved efficiency across styling recommendations — saving retailers time and providing customers with the personalized fits they crave.

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