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Invertex, a leading scan-to-fit technology company, has announced today its new FeetID Ecosystem software. The cognitive solution aims to resolve disparity between in-store and online shopping experiences within the footwear category.

The solution includes a Launch-Pad — an in-store tool that scans a 3-D image of an individual’s foot that’s sent directly to the participant’s smartphone. Invertex’s technology then guides shoppers to accurately matched footwear designs that will best fit their feet measurements and needs.

“Giving the power of informed choice to customers to make the best decision when they are in-store creates great value” said David Bleicher, Invertex’s founder and chief executive officer. “But really, even greater customer value accrues the moment that a customer owns their virtual FeetID model and can always shop with confidence while being recognized and rewarded for their loyalty by their retailers online and in-store.”

The software includes a suite of end-to-end services that aim to resolve consumer challenges of accurately selecting footwear that fits specific measurements. While shoppers continue to shift product research and purchases online, brands encounter the threat of high return rates due to products not being tied on prior to purchase.

The FeetID Ecosystem provides a digitized supplement to physical store perusal, improved shopper confidence in purchases, and sets to heighten conversion rates for Invertex customers. Powered by artificial intelligence and 3-D technology, the solution delivers accurate results.

As mass-customization becomes another facet of the diversifying and ever-complex web of consumer expectations, the software will arm the shopper with personalized information to inform purchases. Brands that are shifting strategies — and resources — to support enhanced customer journeys will fare the best in the current challenging climate.

Invertex recently received a round of $2 million funding from OurCrowd, a global equity crowd-funding platform for accredited investors. The resources will assist in the commercialization of the proprietary and omnichannel scanning technology.

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