Who What Wear’s Fashion Director, Natalie Cantell, provides guidance and tips to overcoming your most difficult denim dilemmas in a video series featuring denim with LYCRA® dualFX® technology.

Invista, a textile manufacturer and owner of the Lycra brand, recently launched a new marketing campaign grounded on consumer insights around denim that aspires to “solve common denim dilemmas.” The firm’s panacea for finding the perfect fit is its Lycra DualFX technology, which enables its denim to reach a superior stretch.

Via Invista’s proprietary online study, data was collected across markets in the U.S., China, Germany, Spain and Brazil in October 2016. At least 500 consumers per market were surveyed among women aged 18 to 49 that purchased jeans within the last six months and wear jeans at least once per week.

The research revealed collective friction points for women wearing or shopping for jeans, which inspired Invista to introduce its Lycra DualFX technology as a solution in the denim market. The firm collaborated with Who What Wear, an editorial, fashion and shopping web site, to help promote jeans that solve various “denim dilemmas” to a Millennial audience. As such, Who What Wear will feature jeans manufactured with Lycra DualFX technology in its “Denim Edit.”

Invista’s Lycra DualFX technology is manufactured with a combination of two Lycra brand fibers into one yarn. The combined effect of the fibers creates sturdy stretch denim, as one fiber provides “super stretch” while the other allows for ongoing elasticity. Sixty-two percent of consumers believe that good-fitting jeans are very expensive and 52 percent said jeans are one of the hardest items of clothing to shop for, according to the report.

Rita Ratskoff, Invista’s senior denim marketing manager, said, “The most common problems women had with jeans like fit, comfort and shape retention, could be solved if the denim fabric contained Lycra DualFX technology. We developed a co-branded marketing program to educate Millennial women about this technology and promote its unique benefits so they can love wearing jeans again.”

Lycra DualFX technology combines two stretch fibers to give you extra flexibility, all-day comfort and lasting fit. 

The co-branded marketing effort aims to increase online engagement around Lycra DualFX via its sharable content program that spotlights various attributes of the technology, such as influencer interviews with Gina Ybarra of “Hunt for Styles,” for American Eagle Outfitters; shopping tips by blogger Michelle Madsen of “Take Aim” or solution-oriented videos featuring Old Navy products that underscore Invista’s shaping technologies.

“Getting jeans with the right fit in all the right places — and then maintaining that fit once you’ve brought them home — can be an elusive pursuit,” said Natalie Cantell, Who What Wear’s fashion director. “That’s why we’re so excited to share the denim brands that are creating jeans with a truly great fit, thanks to Lycra DualFX technology.” Cantell continued, “Most women think that finding the right cut and size is the secret to great fitting jeans, but this engaging content shows how important it is to look at the technology hiding inside the fabric as well.”

Invista partnered with Calik Denim in 2016 when the brand sought to tap into Lycra DualFX fabric technology to manufacture its multiangular stretch performance denim “Circular Elastech.” Hamit Yenici, managing director of Calik Denim, said, “In the past, bi-stretch fabrics had a natural tendency to grow in the seat and knee areas after repeated wear. Circular Elastech with Lycra DualFX technology gives a genuine full range of motion, while conforming to the wearer’s body to enhance their freedom of movement.”

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