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The acquisition of Hypr by Julius plans to combine the companies’ best features including Julius’ detailed influencer profiles and Hypr’s comprehensive influencer database of more than 12 million influencers. The platforms will take up to a year to completely merge, eventually allowing both Julius and Hypr’s capabilities on one platform. In the interim, both companies’ clients will continue using the platform they are subscribed to.

The acquisition will also bring Hypr’s customer base, including its fashion brand clients to Julius, amplifying Julius’ profile depth capabilities for a better search and discovery experience.

“As brands grow their investment in influencer marketing year-over-year, their demands for better technology supporting that investment increase,” said Jared Augustine, cofounder and chief executive officer of Julius Influencer Marketing. “To build great technology, you need to serve the most successful brands and agencies, listen carefully to what they need, and be resourced to deliver. Julius combining with Hypr enables exactly that platform. Over 20 percent of our brand-direct clients for the combined company are fashion brands, and so while we believe we already have a terrific solution for this leading influencer category, we also anticipate being positioned to build the best new tech over time to meet their needs.”

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According to the company, this deal will save fashion marketers time, resources and money, and increase highly coveted deal flow for fashion influencers that were hit hard by COVID-19 challenges.

“On one hand, marketers will be able to find more perfect partnerships, in which they will be able to produce better results and see greater ROI out of their influencer efforts,” said Augustine. “On the other hand, time is money. Associates will be able to find what they’re looking for in just minutes as a result of product tech improvements, so they can spend less time on influencer identification, optimizing their workloads. Those hours can now be distributed to a bigger picture, business-forward deliverables, saving the company money in the long run.”

As the fashion industry faces challenges brought on by the coronavirus, including furloughs, layoffs and lessened resources, Augustine says he recognizes that marketers are in need of tools to help put money to work in the most effective ways possible. “We believe our platform supports that efficiency and ultimately helps fashion brands save time and money while delivering the most authentic branded campaigns due to our matching technology,” said Augustine. “There are new opportunities for influencers to creatively tell stories about fashion brands, even while at home.”

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