Daniel Wellington values "investment" aspect of its timepieces and makes installment pay an option for shoppers.

High-end watchmaker Daniel Wellington makes time for customers, allowing them to slice their payments through Klarna — the European global payment provider aiming for a turbulent takeover in the U.S. alternative payment space, while revolutionizing the payment experience.

With already 100,000 merchants including Asos and Topshop, Klarna is Europe’s “leading payment provider” and a newly licensed bank operating across 14 countries. Daniel Wellington is a Swedish watch brand known for elevated, minimal designs with more than 2,000 stores worldwide.

Daniel Wellington shoppers can now pay for their watches and accessories in four equal interest-free installments “collected bi-weekly from the shopper’s chosen debit or credit card,” increasing flexibility and reducing initial sticker shock. Speaking on the partnership, Michael Rouse, chief commercial officer of Klarna, highlighted an important aspect notorious to both luxury and fine jewelry — investment.

“We understand that timepieces are an investment and are thrilled to partner with Daniel Wellington to allow their consumers the ability to slice up their purchase and pay over a period of time,” Rouse said.

The ever-menacing fears of “long-term commitment, interest or upfront costs” are all factors, which discourage Millennials and Gen Z from the traditional financial institutions. And according to Klarna’s data, more than half these shoppers — or 67 percent — do not own a credit card.

“At Daniel Wellington, we are always on the lookout for ways we can offer our shoppers an improved and distinguished service,” said Anders Hedman, chief marketing officer of Daniel Wellington.

More and more, offering shoppers the “utmost convenience” in their shopping experience will begin, quite frankly where it ends, at the checkout.