Klarna is one of the first to partner with Google Pay in Sweden.

Today, Klarna, the global payments provider “smoothing” out kinks in the checkout process for retailers, announced a partnership with Google Pay. Available for Klarna customers in Sweden, the intention is to make mobile payments “even easier and more secure.”

As one of the first banks to offer Google Pay to Swedish consumers, Klarna card holders will be able to “leave their wallets at home and still be able to pay in a ‘smooth’ and secure way,” David Fock, chief product officer at Klarna, said in a press statement.

The partnership allows Swedish Klarna cardholders with Android phones immediate use with Google Pay — warranting the ability to pay in apps, online stores and at contactless payment terminals without a physical card. Even if their banks do not support compatibility with Google Pay, Klarna users will be able to curtail this limitation, linking any Swedish bank account.

The announcement precedes Klarna’s launch of “four completely new vertical designs of its popular card” that will roll out over the next few days.

Maintaining Swedish consumers’ preferences for amenities such as flexible payment methods and instant overview of purchases in the Klarna app, the card invites new on-brand designs.

With heavy footing in all that is “eye-catching, cool and quirky” in fintech, Klarna recently partnered with watchmaker Daniel Wellington in its installment plans offering.

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