Executives from Bonobos, MeUndies and other fashion tech companies went in on a seed round for a start-up, on-demand laundering service.

San Francisco-based Rinse Inc. said it closed on $3.5 million that will be used to expand the company’s service areas and offerings.

The fund’s round included a mix of founders and executives from companies such as Weddington Way, MeUndies, Bonobos and ThirdLove. The raise also included venture capital firms such as Arena Ventures, ff Venture Capital and Great Oaks Venture Capital.

Rinse customers can schedule, through an app or the company’s Web site, a cleaning pick-up and delivery time. The service is offered seven days a week and includes late-night pickup between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. Pricing is based on the type of service and runs $2.50 to dry clean a shirt, $8 for blazers and $15 for coats.

Rinse joins a growing landscape of on-demand laundering services that includes Washio, Clothespin and Cleanly.

The company’s been offering its services in San Francisco and is now set to expand into Los Angeles with the new capital.