Lew Frankfort.

Lew Frankfort, former executive chairman of Coach Inc., has joined the board of waste and recycling management on-demand technology company Recycle Track Systems.

RTS said Frankfort joins as an adviser as well as investor in the company. Although the amount of his investment was not disclosed, RTS received $12 million of series A funding this past summer. Frankfort served as chairman and chief executive officer of Coach until he was succeeded by Victor Luis in 2014.

RTS cofounder and ceo Greg Lettieri described Frankfort as “a global business legend” and looked forward to his “guidance and experience as we grow the RTS brand, expand into new markets and focus on operational efficiency.”

Frankfort said RTS has “already demonstrated its ability to disrupt the waste management and recycling industry with nimble technology and a strong leadership team. Its future is unlimited.” RTS currently works with companies to create more sustainable practices in waste management via “efficient routing, training and on-demand orders.”

The company’s clients include Whole Foods, WeWork, Juice Press and the Natural Resources Defense Council. Frankfort also serves on the board of WeWork.

Frankfort spent more than 35 years at Coach. According to the brand’s web site, Frankfort is credited with expanding Coach’s international presence as well as growing its store base. He was named president of Coach after the brand was acquired by Sara Lee Corp. in 1985. And he led the company through its transition to a public company in 2000.

Prior to Coach, Frankfort had various roles in New York City government, “culminating in the position of commissioner of New York City’s Head Start and Day Care Programs,” RTS noted in a statement.

RTS is based in New York.

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