Lightspeed Payments launches today.

Lightspeed, a Software as a Service platform used by fashion fitness shop Bandier and minimalist boutique Oak + Fort, is rolling out its Lightspeed Payments platform today.

Lightspeed Payments follows the launch of a loyalty technology released last month that aims to foster greater customer engagement and build repeat business.

Differentiating their payment services by targeting “favorite local businesses, where the communities go to shop and dine,” Lightspeed’s solution boasts “frictionless” setup to fulfill transactions, also waiving start-up fees, which may be enticing to resource-strapped start-ups.

By integrating the point of sale and payments processing for both physical and e-commerce stores, Lightspeed Payments wants to offer small and midsize businesses more for less. The services are all streamlined. Meaning for business owners, there is just “one bill, one support line to call and one system of record.”

The logic is less time spent over billing reports and commerce-related tasks will allow greater attention toward delivering a fulfilling customer experience. “By providing SMBs with a comprehensive solution including fully integrated payments processing, customers benefit from reduced complexity on both the front and back end of their business,” Dax Dasilva, founder and chief executive officer of Lightspeed, said in a statement.

Boasting features such as checkout security, transparent pricing and cost certainty, Lightspeed Payments value proposition is to minimize the “time and effort required to manage operations” so business owners can prioritize customers, according to a statement from Dasilva.

Confirming the unrelenting goal for retailers to achieve the prized “frictionless” checkout, retailers of all scale be it enterprise or small business are checking in to the checkout experience.

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