LuisaViaRoma has doubled down on its omnichannel experiences. The global retailer announced huge gains in web site conversions, revenue secured from e-mail campaigns and post-purchase conversions through deploying Emarsys’ marketing platform.

“The value of our engagement with Emarsys is based on significant ROI achieved from the personalization and omnichannel experience that their platform provides. Optimization through additional embedded AI capabilities has only contributed further to this success,” said Nicola Antonelli, head of marketing at “Initial Web Channel campaigns have generated impressive results, including interaction with 100 percent more pages per session and 150 percent longer sessions. This resulted, most importantly, in a conversion rate 400 percent higher than before we implemented Emarsys Web Channel on our web site.”

Selling more than 600 brands through its e-commerce channel, delivering a personal touch to its approximate five million monthly visitors was of high priority. With Emarsys’ Send Time Optimization, LuisaViaRoma was able to strategically time e-mails to land in a shopper’s inbox when they were most likely to be perusing their messages.

Enabled by Emarsys’ latest technology, AI-optimized Web Channel solution, its web site conversions increased by 400 percent. “The new solution transforms their web site into a highly personalized communication channel that is natively integrated into their omnichannel experience,” an Emarsys spokesman said. “By targeting and treating web site visitors differently with personalized content and offers, based on a clear understanding of their loyalty status through the CRM and real-time data, LuisaViaRoma is now able to unlock the true value of their website.”

To improve consumer experiences even more, LuisaViaRoma has used the solution-provider’s CRM system, Predict. Customer profiles are devised in order to cater to specific spending patterns to discern what products are most relevant to each shopper.

“Our goal as a company is to create a prestigious shopping experience for customers — and that needs to come across in all our interactions. Unfortunately, a one-size-fits-all approach in our email marketing wasn’t engaging people and was hurting our revenue,” said Marco Ritratti, CRM manager at “Using the Emarsys platform to add the personal touch to each newsletter is clearly resonating. We’ve seen interest from customers skyrocketing, with a direct business impact. Increasing revenue from our e-mail campaigns by 900 percent means they now contribute to 10 percent of our overall revenues, compared to one percent before.”

In order to maintain its luxury branding, LuisaViaRoma deployed numerous strategies to feed into one final goal: the delivery of premium customer service across all of its channels. Consumers are notoriously brand disloyal — to secure return patronage, retailers and brands that incorporate heightened, intuitive omnichannel experiences informed by comprehensive data will be able to survive the unsteady market landscape.

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