MagnaReady said this week that it inked a deal with LF Americas, a private label unit of Li & Fung Ltd., to “license and expand” the company’s magnetic shirts and apparel. Terms of the transaction, which the companies described as a “strategic partnership and licensing deal,” were not disclosed.

MagnaReady said LF Americas will be licensing its patented magnetic closure technology system, which was created by Maura Horton, founder of the company. “Expanded collections of men’s woven shirts, children’s school uniforms and other apparel integrating the MagnaReady closure system are expected to debut with LF Americas retail partners in 2018,” the companies said.

Horton invented the apparel technology out of necessity, the company noted. MagnaReady said she was inspired when her husband, who is a college football coach, “had to rely on a player for help when the effects of Parkinson’s Disease prevented him from buttoning his shirt. Determined to help my husband remain independent, I came up with the idea of a magnetically infused shirt that did not require finger dexterity to wear.”

The companies said the closure system “aids anyone with mobility issues to easily button cuffs, collars and shirt fronts.” The shirts can be used as “adaptive clothing for elderly people or those with disabilities or conditions that limit dexterity,” MagnaReady said adding that the apparel features “a modern design and style.”


MagnaReady women’s button-up shirts. 

Horton, creator and chief executive officer of MagnaReady, said there are “over 50 million people with disabilities or mobility limiting conditions living in the U.S. We are also experiencing a silver tsunami with over 10,000 Baby Boomers turning 65 each day. MagnaReady provides senior citizens, caregivers and people with limited mobility a clothing solution that restores independence and increases confidence and self-esteem with a classic, professional look that has not previously been available.”

Shelly Fogel, executive vice president of LF Americas, said Horton’s “dedication to bring this innovative development to the ever-growing adaptive clothing market is a true inspiration.”

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