David Harouche

Today, Multimedia Plus announced the issuance of its second patent allowing centrally updatable digital content to be available at the store level.

The eight-digit-long patent, “Remote Device Content and Learning Management System and Method,” is the second one issued by Multimedia Plus, building on previous iterations from last year. Through Multimedia Plus’s remote device content and learning management system, the patent will cover a “system and method of providing centrally updatable digital content on local electronic devices.”

“By leveraging the speed of the local network, all devices can be updated quickly, minimizing the use of external bandwidth, and providing a consistent and timely communications solution,” said David Harouche, chief executive officer and chief technology officer of Multimedia Plus. MMP’s latest technology aims to eliminate the pain points for retailers who are consistently “shuffling content from the cloud.”

And as the cloud becomes heavier with the weight of “network congestion,” in the recent case of Google Cloud’s issues earlier this month affecting the eastern U.S., (including Google Cloud, G Suite and YouTube), retailers are seeking to reduce friction in communicating content.

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As a technology emboldening the retail and services industries, “daily media-rich communications” are delivered with consistency and timeliness between stakeholders — meaning retail’s frontline is given quick access to rich media to aid cross-selling, up-selling and further carve out opportunities to appeal to the customer. Multimedia Plus also offers Incite, an app-based communications platform designed with retail’s frontline in mind, alongside its Incite Acceleration Server.

Incite provides the frontline sales associates with “ongoing, day-to-day updates, offensive skill-building and strategies required in today’s fast-paced world,” without bogging down memory in the store environment. Delivering upward of one million programs and five million modules to associates in 22 countries, Incite (and MMP technology) allows associates to put the customer first with its mobile-first associate communications platform.

Across all Incite communications, real-time metrics are gathered, including communication “read receipts,” (similar to iPhone messaging) and real-time program progress for quiz-based modules.

Today, the demand for accessible and measurable mobile-first solutions is evident, as retailers are focusing on creating outstanding and differentiated in-store customer experiences.