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Today Monetate, a leading platform in personalization has announced its Intelligent Personalization Engine — a new tool that aims to resolve the friction between end-consumers and current e-commerce experiences. The engine utilizes machine-learning to extend organic and intuitive interactions to customers.

The engine resolves formerly disconnected shopper data and real-time decision-making for marketers. Over a dozen Monetate customers are presently deploying it as part of its early adopter program, an effort to examine the platform in action.

J.D. Williams, a U.K. women’s wear retailer was included in the early rollout and has posted improvements — it benefited from a 3.3 percent decrease in its bounce rate in one week due improved homepage personalization. “The Engine’s one-to-one personalization ensures more customers remain on our site, increasing our likelihood of converting them to a purchase. This platform has enabled us to observe, understand and interact with our customers like never before,” said Finn Christo, group e-commerce conversion rate optimization manager at N. Brown, the parent company of J.D. Williams.

Monetate is the latest solution-provider to tap artificial intelligence to inform its newest offerings. The engine runs on machine learning in order to optimize specific goals spanning revenue growth to conversion. It also informs internal, real-time decision-making for marketers to release the most customized experiences for consumers. Through its meticulous data collection, users are able to invoke enhanced personalization across platforms — a necessity in the current, increasingly clustered climate.

As omnichannel has become the status quo, consumers have upped their expectations, seeking personalized experiences at every touch point with a brand. From accurate product recommendations to push notifications informing when it’s time to pick up a new pair of running shoes, brands and retailers are charged with thoughtful strategies to align with consumers. The best efforts will surprise the shopper with new services that they ever went without.

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