AMCKGroup app

As the pandemic continues, disruption continues to create a need for digital solutions across all industries. And according to AMCK Management’s founder and chief executive officer for industries, including entertainment and talent management, offering on-demand digital services are no longer perks, but expectations.

Now in its 15th year, AMCKGroup has partnered with Moxtra to create the AMCKGroup app which features a suite of collaborative tools that the agency says will revolutionize the industry.

“At the beginning of the pandemic, we had to stop all operations,” said Aicha McKenzie, founder and chief executive officer of AMCK Management Ltd. “We took the first few months of the pandemic to stop, reflect and understand what it was that we wanted to do and where our pivot should be. It all came back to the idea of purpose. We actually started talking about our app last year, but we needed to make sure that something like this would actually be serving our dancers, models and agents.”

While live concerts and festivals have been canceled this year, the dance industry is not yet back to full operations, but with fashion shoots going strong, McKenzie said AMCKGroup knew it had a responsibility to innovate on behalf of its models and dancers to break down any barriers that they could come to face. “It’s something we’ve always done, but it’s more important now than ever,” McKenzie said.

Through the app, talent is able to securely connect with agents over text, voice or video messaging, hold meetings, coordinate calendars, exchange documents, sign contacts and participate in training. According to Leena Iyar, chief brand officer at Moxtra, a large goal for the app was to provide a single place to turn for all things AMCKGroup, finding that having many different platforms and services have been led to cause crossed wires and frustration.

AMCKGroup app

Through the app, talent are able to securely connect with agents over text, voice or video messaging, hold meetings, coordinate calendars, exchange documents, sign contacts and participate in training.  Courtesy Image.

“This one-stop service elevates companies like AMCKGroup to a forward-thinking, digitally native leader in the entertainment industry. Looking to the future, these digital capabilities will enable individuals in the entertainment industry to globalize their talent with unparalleled flexibility,” Iyar said. “A model can audition with a brand in New York City in the morning and still make it to an event in London in the evening. In spite of the pandemic, our world is rapidly transitioning to digital-first and the entertainment industry is no exception.”

“Investing in solutions that enhance our business model has always been our top priority, and the app has helped to preserve the holistic way in which we operate and the tight-knit feeling that’s right at the core of our values,” McKenzie said. “We have a group of dancers currently in rehearsals for Dua Lipa’s upcoming online extravaganza, Studio 2054, and they’ve been through self-isolation, and are all now in a bubble together. Like so many around the world, none of them have seen their friends, family or us for weeks.”

While in the “bubble” the AMCKGroup app facilitates seamless communication, a feature that McKenzie said has been invaluable as a way to check-in on their welfare and reassure both parties. “This app will push the entire fashion, creative, and entertainment industries forward,” said McKenzie. “While we’re so excited to get back to in-person castings, auditions and rehearsals, significant elements of our customers’ and talent’s day-to-day interactions will inevitably remain virtual for the foreseeable future.”

Notably, the AMCKGroup app was recently used by a model as she secured an exclusive campaign with Gucci. Planning the logistics of executing a safe international booking was completely facilitated through the app.

“This app will open up the space to everybody who wants to work in a more convenient and collaborative virtual environment,” said McKenzie. “It’s the future not just for talent agencies, but for casting directors, actors, musicians, and so much more. By using Moxtra to power the experience, we were confident from the start that this would be a success and we’re excited to see that the AMCKGroup app is opening up something that will be the new normal for our industry.”

AMCKGroup has plans to continue to develop its flexible platform to facilitate new levels of convenience for digital auditions, casting calls, and other parts of the casting process.

“We’re extremely proud of the end result but also know this will be a portal that will continue to evolve, and we’ll want to adjust and adapt continuously to meet changing needs and market demands,” Iyar said.

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