Mulberry's new Regent Street flagship store

As part of the next phase of its “agile supply chain transformational program, Mulberry said it has tapped Aptos Inc. for the technology firm’s PLM and supply chain management platforms. The brand has implemented the solutions for its “preseason and in-season planning,” the companies said today.

The announcement comes as retailers and brands double down on efforts to increase supply chain efficiencies amid explosive growth of e-commerce as well as consumer demands for more in-season merchandise assortments.

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Richard Cunningham, group IT director at Mulberry, said, “With the market calling for greater agility and our business constantly expanding both in terms of geographies and channels, we not only had new planning needs, but also new requirements in terms of sourcing, costing, as well as increasing overall merchandising responsiveness.”

Cunningham said the brand was attracted to Aptos for its retail expertise and its “ability to cover the merchandise process from end to end, as well as [its] track record of satisfied customers.”

Mulberry describes itself as a British lifestyle brand “internationally known for its quality and design. Mulberry’s handbags have become contemporary classics, examples of British style and manufacturing expertise. The product range also includes women’s wear, accessories and footwear.” The brand sells its collections through its own stores as well as to wholesale customers and increasingly via a direct-to-consumer online channel.

Mulberry RTW Spring 2019

A look from Mulberry’s spring ready-to-wear collection.  Courtesy Photo

Neil Ritchie, chief financial officer, described the implementation as successful, “and it has enabled Mulberry to implement its agile supply chain initiative and realize key objectives, including a reduction in inventory and greater visibility throughout the supply chain.”

Daniel Winstanley, head of planning at Mulberry, said the implementation has provided the company with the “ideal opportunity to target best practice and evolve business process. The Aptos implementation structure and project team facilitated a quick and smooth project, which is already adding value for Mulberry.”

Noel Goggin, chief executive officer at Aptos, said the company’s end-to-end merchandise lifecycle management approach, which brings together PLM, planning and supply chain management, “is a best fit for retailers like Mulberry that add visibility and collaboration to the process and across channels, gaining the responsiveness the market requires.”