The MySureFit platform relies on brand partnerships, which is the purview of new executive hire David Cunningham.

Fashion industry veteran David Cunningham has nabbed a new role in technology as president of brand partnerships for MySureFit, the apparel fitting-tech company revealed Monday.

A marketer and consultant, Cunningham previously served as the brand president for Ralph Lauren Chaps, Calvin Klein Jeans and Kenneth Cole, and vice president for Tommy Hilfiger’s denim brand. Cunningham will bring his more than three decades of experience to the Milwaukee, Wisc.-based tech outfit.

“David’s experience negotiating high-value domestic and international agreements in the fashion and textile industry will help expand our relationships among the world’s top brands,” said Christian Ruth, MySureFit’s founder and chief executive officer.

David Cunningham  Courtesy photo

The platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to determine users’ measurements based on body selfie photos, in a system that the company claims is 99 percent accurate. The app also offers a virtual fitting room that can layer the products over the customers’ full body images, so they can visualize what their selections would look like on them.

With proprietary information from hundreds of brands across thousands of garments, MySureFit looks to select the correct sizes from a broad range of apparel. This allows users to create looks by mixing and matching items from different brands. Brands and retailers can partner by allowing sales in the MySureFit app or use the technology on their own e-commerce sites via a web site plug-in.

MySureFit describes the interactive shopping experience as mimicking in-person shopping, inspiring consumers to buy and increasing customer satisfaction. But these aren’t the only goals. The company aims to minimize product returns from people buying multiple sizes of a given item — which is a sore point for e-commerce in general, but a particular concern as online spending accelerates.

According to commercial real estate services firm CBRE, $70.5 billion in holiday purchases are expected to be returned, a projected 73 percent jump over the five-year average. That’s mostly due to the explosion in e-commerce, which typically has a higher rater of return than brick-and-mortar shopping.

“The pandemic has changed the way consumers shop, and brands and retailers are scrambling to resolve some of the problems associated with online buying,” continued Ruth.

The platform, business structure and mission means that Cunningham’s leadership of brand partnerships will be a pivotal role for the company.