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Narvar said it is expanding its platform to include the “prepurchase consideration” phase of a shopper’s journey, which then be coupled with the solution’s post-purchase data. The goal is to help shoppers make “better-informed decisions that help drive conversion, increase customer flexibility and satisfaction, and reduce delivery uncertainty for consumers,” the company said.

“As part of this expansion, Narvar will also be addressing consumer challenges regarding return policies, delivery guarantees, and adding to its offline pick-up options,” Narvar said in a statement. “Retailers will be able to unify their existing post-purchase data with their prepurchase experience, elevating their customer experience across the entire shopping journey with a single, digital platform.”

Why is this important? According to research from Gartner, 44 percent of consumer respondents are concerned that they have “missed a better option every time they make a purchase.” Narvar said to mitigate this feeling of uncertainty, “brands must focus on building stronger relationships between customers and their brand by helping customers — understand their options, make a purchase, give them confidence and reassure their decision.”

Amit Sharma, ceo and founder of Narvar.  Courtesy Image

Amit Sharma, founder and chief executive officer of Narvar, said delivery and product returns “have become integral to the overall shopping experience, which means they play a key role in consumers’ decisions of whether to purchase or not. Now, retailers can give customers confidence that the postpurchase experience is something they do not need to worry about.”

Narvar research showed that 53 percent of shoppers will skip buying a product is they don’t know when it will arrive. And 18 percent of consumers globally “say not having enough time to evaluate a purchase prevents them from making a purchase in the first place,” the company said.

Narvar said its “ship and concierge” offerings allow brands and retailers to increase conversion “and reduce cart abandonment by setting reliable expectations around delivery dates and offer more choice to consumers for package pick-up, on product pages and at checkout.”

Other features include greater delivery transparency, “configurable” return policies, where brands and retailers can provide “more flexible return policies to consumers, giving them peace of mind as they evaluate a purchase,” and guaranteed delivery.

As previously reported, Narvar Concierge offers greater convenience in pick and return of online orders via more than 8,000 locations.

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