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Friction is the bane of retailers and filling out shipping and payment information on a mobile phone is surely the least enjoyable part of shopping.

In early March, a report predicted mobile shopping would count for 25 percent of all e-commerce traffic coming from apps in 2020. Since then, online sales have only accelerated due to the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, a recent report found companies have increased investments in e-commerce upgrades, including social media and social commerce, in preparation for the holiday season.

Today, Nate, a free app that uses AI to enable checkout at any retailer, launches with the goal of making mobile checkouts a completely seamless process. Users are able to purchase items for themselves, or others, by tapping “share” then selecting Nate on a mobile device. Shipping and payment details are saved for easy reordering.

Nate’s gifting feature allows users to buy any item by inputting the recipient’s phone number. If the recipient is not a Nate user, a text message will inform the recipient that they have a gift on hold and prompt a request for a preferred delivery address.

Moreover, the app aims to preserve the human experience as shifts toward online shopping continue. Designed with AI technology and a “desire to power social connections through shared inspiration,” Nate gives users the ability to save products to curate in-app lists that can be shared across social platforms and channels of communication. The feature allows viewers to buy or save items to their own lists for a shared shopping experience.

“All the companies trying to reduce friction from the purchase experience are building products for companies, selling higher conversion,” said Albert Saniger, founder of Nate. “Nobody is focused on people. People don’t want another checkout method. They want a single, universal solution for all purchases. They want to be inspired by other humans, not by machines. I am certainly one of them. Tired of companies reordering my social feeds or serving me ‘relevant’ ads. I couldn’t care less about what an algorithm thinks I should buy. I want to be inspired by other humans, not machines. And I want to stay inspired. And not worry about the checkout.”

The Nate app is available nationwide and will be accessible by waitlist only in its initial phase.

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