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The Natori Company is one of the latest fashion brands to implement artificial intelligence for big gains across several categories. Since deploying Albert, an autonomous digital marketer, Natori’s paid social media on Instagram and Facebook increased 18 percent in return on ad spend, upped its 2017 holiday-related conversions by 84 percent, and boosted social media revenue by 76 percent in the first six months, a spokesman for the company said.

“We haven’t traditionally been early adopters when it comes to technology, so making the leap directly to artificial intelligence was a little out of character. But working with Albert has been a great experience so far,” said Ken Natori, president of the Natori Company. “We’ve gone through a learning curve together — us, in terms of new ways of thinking about creative and adding parameters that work for us; Albert, in terms of learning about our audience and getting smarter over time.”

In an effort to drive consumers to its e-commerce site and to grow social conversions, the brand targeted the discovery of new audiences on Instagram and Facebook with the platform. “Working with creative provided by Natori’s creative agency and KPIs provided by the brand, Albert began testing different creative combinations [visual and text] and their performance among specific audience micro-segments,” the company spokesman said.

Married with rich data, Natori was able to update content to resonate with the evolving tastes of consumers. “Our creative teams have traditionally approached creative from a standpoint of ‘artful’; now they’re learning how to achieve artful and performance simultaneously,” said Heidi Maund, e-commerce director at the Natori company. “Rather than sacrifice the Natori aesthetic, our work with Albert is more so an exercise in working with content differently to meet the demand of performance campaigns. Overall, we’re adopting a performance mentality and learning to think beyond initial awareness of our campaigns.”

The company hit the sweet spot with analytics-informed creative, which increased Natori’s online conversions by 24 percent in a month, the spokesman said. “Natori has responded to Albert’s demand for increased content needs by hiring additional creative agencies to format its top-level creative content for use in a performance-driven marketing environment. In collaboration with Natori’s teams, Albert has built a strong revenue flow from a channel that had previously delivered only numbered conversions,” the spokesman said.

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