Mogul's app divides long-term goals with morning and evening ritual systems.

Mogul announced the launch of its mobile productivity app to better service its users, designed to transform its community from goal-setters to go-getters.

Already, some 30 million women are finding community with Mogul’s platform for networking and connection. Since launching in 2014, Mogul has aimed to foster rising talent with its free educational resources and international partners (which includes the United Nations), operating within the $30 billion estimated productivity tech market on an international stage.

Goal attainment isn’t the same as goal-setting, however. The app aims to help users harness their potential and effectively seize the day, while channeling their focus into easily manageable micro-goals. The app integrates with the user’s existing calendar and also connects them with the Mogul community.

The iOS app will include an evening ritual, “to reflect and plan your next day;” and morning ritual, “to start your day on the right foot with an overview of the previous day,” according to a press statement.

Making a habit of daily reflection, proactive planning and community interaction, “We created our app to address this problem people around the world deal with every day, allowing our users more time and energy to dedicate toward themselves,” said David Pham, chief product officer of Mogul.

Following years of research and development, the app will monitor real-time performance, send push notifications and reminders and ultimately “help goals become reality,” according to Tiffany Pham, chief executive officer and founder of Mogul. Prior to founding Mogul, Pham notably held roles in the film and TV industries, attended Harvard Business School and authored “Girl Mogul,” as well as national bestseller “You Are a Mogul.”

Mogul recently announced its list of the “Top 10 Companies in Retail and E-commerce for Millennial Women in 2019” based on user analytics, which included brands such as The Honest Co., Amazon and The Home Depot, among others. Partnering with Fortune 1000 companies and start-ups, Mogul hopes to help attract, retain and advance diverse talent through new resources and iterations, like its app.

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The active user base is predominantly Millennial women, as 44 percent of its community is aged 25 to 34, with the second largest category being Gen Z, aged 18 to 24. And Mogul’s fast growth in tech-based productivity as well as attention on workplace culture has garnered recognition by media, in recent coverage.

Linking talent to the resources to help them reach their potential is of increasing benefit to the e-commerce and retail companies wanting to recruit true “unicorn” hires.