Penney's new Xersion Studio line.

Noble Biomaterials, a smart fabric solution company, is creating a range of sustainable high-performance textiles with its silver-based, antiodor technology.

The firm’s new materials will enable activewear brands to embrace a more natural textile alternative to polyester, which is frequently used in technical knits. Through the use of botanic cellulose fibers, Noble Biomaterials will create a textile blend for “active-lifestyle applications” that preserves freshness and can be washed less frequently.

Noble develops specialized yarns and other advanced materials for consumer, health-care and military applications. Its XT2 technology harnesses the properties of silver — which is permanently embedded within the yarn — to provide odor protection and extend the life of products, according to the company. Silver is a power antimicrobial active ingredient, as silver ions penetrate the cellular walls of microorganisms and disable biological processes, which effectively inhibits microbial vitality, according to the firm. Noble’s silver fibers and fabrics can also dissipate static.

Activewear remains a strong category for growth.  Shutterstock / lzf

Noble Biomaterials said it is committed to sustainable practices throughout its facilities, operations and technologies via several initiatives, which includes the recovery and recycling of silver as well as improved sourcing and production.

Joel Furey, the founder and chief commercial officer of Noble Biomaterials, said “Noble has a rich history in fiber and textile development and a deep commitment to sustainability. Our goal is to consistently innovate new textiles and technologies that improve people’s lives every day.”

The firm said it focuses on material technologies for “mission critical applications” across performance apparel, health care, industrial and wearable technology sectors. Its flagship brands X-Static, XT2 and Circuitex are used by licensees for odor elimination, biometric monitoring, infection prevention/management and protection benefits.

The collaborative fabric collection debuted at Texworld USA in New York earlier this week.

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