E-commerce, personalization

Of the many hot topics that will be presented during NRF later this month, artificial intelligence ranks high among the most pressing innovations. Companies from all corners of the industry including behemoth Google and ADS Reality, a product and magazine-scanning technology provider are unveiling next steps for artificial intelligence technology.

With consumers nimbly shifting from device to device and demonstrating ever-shifting shopping behavior, artificial intelligence facilitates speedy tracking of data and seamless point-of-sale processing among other services. Solution providers are scrambling to offer artificial intelligence to customers as the consumer climate becomes even more saturated and competitive.

Listed below are top company booths to visit during NRF that will be introducing new artificial intelligence applications and offerings.

  1. ADS Reality, Booth #RP30: The company’s technology already consists of mobile device 3-D product recognition, magazine scanning on mobile and pre-purchase tools.
  2. Everseen, Booth #1020: Everseen provides video analytic software to discern margin-eroding activity during retail point-of-sale positions that monitors people, actions and trends.
  3. Google, Booth #4333: The search catchall connects millions of users with information daily. Google’s targeted advertising program provides businesses with measurable results and data. With its advancements in Google maps and other micro-updates that contribute to larger shifts in consumer expectations, Google has long employed algorithms for improved search functions, earning itself its own verb.
  4. IBM Corporation, Booth #1720: Bolstered by its introduction of Watson, IBM retail and consumer product segments offer customers interpreted data analysis that builds cognition into apps and functions.
  5. Infor Retail, Booth #2677 and Booth #2854: A one-stop shop for the apparel industry, Infor has asserted itself as a leader in retail solutions. The company offers omnichannel sales support for online and in-store purchases and merchandise planning among other features.
  6. Mode.Ai, Booth #RP23: Integrating virtual reality with artificial intelligence, Mode.Ai provides technology to allow retailers to engage with consumers by mobile messaging, try-on tools and discover similar products.
  7. Retail Robots by Autonomous, Booth #RP5: Here, advanced technologies merge as the company integrates artificial intelligence with robotics to manufacture deep learning robots.
  8. Sentient Technologies: Hosting a patented technology that takes cues from biology, Sentient enables functionality that enables quick learning, adaptation and reaction.