In a move aimed at accelerating a retailer’s or brand’s ability to forge an emotional connection with consumers, Optimove acquired DynamicMail from PowerInbox.

Details of the deal were not disclosed, but Pini Yakuel, chief executive officer of Optimove, said the transaction “strengthens Optimove’s existing e-mail capabilities by enabling our clients to include dynamic content in their e-mail communications that is updated when each e-mail is opened. These real-time content updates make e-mail an even more effective channel.”

Yakuel also described the acquisition as one that is “another significant step toward achieving our vision of empowering brands to exhibit emotional intelligence when communicating with their customers.”

The deal comes as retailers and brands double down on efforts to penetrate the marketing din created by social and digital media as well as direct marketing campaigns that swamp consumer’s inboxes.

In a blog post, Amit Bivas, head of marketing at Optimove, said the demand for AI-powered marketing solutions is strong as brands realize the importance of building “emotional relationships” with shoppers.

“This acquisition is another turn of the ‘flywheel,’ accelerating Optimove’s momentum of growth,” Bivas explained. “After being built and developed as a ‘brain,’ the company is now at a position to acquire ‘muscle’ and give our clients a more holistic solution to their relationship marketing needs.”

Bivas noted that in 2017, Optimove clients (over 300 of them) sent out more than 3 billion e-mails to their customers. “Now, with PowerInbox’s dynamic e-mail technology enhancing Optimail, these brands will be able to create dynamic content which changes in real-time to be the most relevant at the time of opening.”

Bivas said the technology “excludes products that are not currently in stock and creates product recommendations specific to the weather conditions for the reader’s current location.” He also said the solution’s e-mail capabilities also enable “highly engaging content, such as video, countdown timers, store locators and more.”

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