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Marketing automation platform, Optimove has announced the release of its newest product, Optimove 6.0. The newest version of its software includes customer life-cycle features, which aim to predict future consumer spending behavior.

“We’ve been highly focused on applying a scientific approach to relationship marketing, but realized that relationships start long before someone presses the buy button,” said Pini Yakuel, cofounder and chief executive officer of Optimove. “Most acquisition marketers are focused on bringing in as many leads as possible and then parsing from there. With Optimove 6.0 we are flipping the funnel — taking post-purchase data and knowledge and utilizing it for smarter acquisition.”

The new program draws together analytics collected from the web and applies to similar data sets, machine-learning tactics and artificial intelligence software to forecast future consumer spending prior to the completion of a purchase. It aims to boost its users’ readiness and preparation.

“Based on its predictions, Optimove segments site-viewers into micro categories and provides insights on which campaigns will be most likely to lead to conversion,” an Optimove spokesman said. “Rather than go after everyone that visits their site, marketers can use Optimove’s findings and automation tool, Optibot to precisely target only those in the 98 percent that are most likely to eventually convert.”

The new platform aims to resolve disparities between frequently siloed retention and acquisition teams, whose goals commonly appear to conflict and cannibalize one another. “Unifying these functions reduces conflicts of interest between teams and eliminates the data loss that occurs when moving from one CRM to another,” the spokesman continued.

As retailers and brands aim to secure a larger portion of traffic share while building consumer loyalty, deploying technology that enables transparency between departments to more accurately predict revenue levels, inventory management, and marketing strategies will improve margins and boost sales.

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