mobile platforms, omnichannel

Shoppers expect retailers to be in their pockets, at their fingertips, and just around the corner. In light of these demands, Oracle has devised its new suite of services, Oracle Retail Release 16 to service customers with cloud-based platforms to highlight opportunities that will empower integrated support, inventory margins and key metrics.

“Access to retail-specific cloud services is a critical differentiator for brands to streamline operations, expand offerings and scale at a fast pace,” said Ray Carlin, senior vice president and general manager of Oracle Retail. Brands and retailers are in need of versatile platforms that offer low overhead in order to decipher and employ nimble business practices.

It’s not just consumers who are turning toward mobile — brands and retail executives and analysts are also looking for mobile technology in order to track insights in real-time. “We optimized Oracle Retail Suite 16 for a mobile environment recognizing that old and new generations want to use consistent technology at home and at work,” said Jeff Warren, vice president product strategy at Oracle Retail. “Our platform is engineered to accelerate critical decision-making through a powerful interface for managers and analysts that is built upon machine learning and data analytics.”

As sales associates shift to becoming brand ambassadors with in-person consumer engagement opportunities, Oracle has updated its offerings to facilitate the next phase of these positions. The Oracle Retail Extension Module for Oracle Commerce allows retailers to deliver a common brand experience across all touch points by using Oracle Cloud Services to manage orders, optimize fulfillment decisions and provide a consistent perspective on shoppers.

The next generation of shoppers look for enhanced customer service — transitioning the role of the sales associate to an in-house entrepreneur who cultivates their business and client experience. Facilitated by various programs on multiple devices, sales associates are no longer glued to a specific in-store territory or behind a cash register. The Oracle Retail XStore offers a suite of engagement opportunities — using a traditional computer (or fixed device), dockable tablets, tablets and mobile devices. Across the options, a consistent point-of-sale platform allows for full checkout, CRM visibility, cross- and up-sell functionality, fulfillment, search, price check and loyalty program integration from any device.