Tex-Ray ECO series yarn. Photo courtesy of Tex-Ray  Industrial Co, Ltd.

Taiwanese textile manufacturers launched a series of sustainable and technical fabrics at this year’s Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, an annual show that showcases the latest technologies in the outdoor industry. The event was held in Salt Lake City July 23 through 26.

The show’s “Taiwan New Products Launch” spotlighted four of the nation’s leading textiles manufacturers: Singtex Industrial Company Ltd.; Tex-Ray Industrial Co. Ltd.; Far Eastern New Century Corp., and the QMI Industrial Company Ltd.

Product highlights included three textiles partially made from coffee oil presented by Singtex Industrial Co. The use of repurposed coffee grounds provide print layers with quick dry, odor control and condensation reduction. The firm’s “S.Cafe” technology includes its Airmem material, which is composed of 25 percent coffee oil extracted from spent coffee grounds; the Airnest, a high-performance textile that acts as an alternative to petroleum-based ingredients, made of 25 percent S.Cafe bio-foam, and P4 Dry, a sustainable fabric printing technology.

Taiwan’s textile industry is a flourishing market: The output value of Taiwan’s “functional fabrics” accounted for 50 percent of the global output value of this segment, which makes Taiwan the world’s largest functional fabric production base, according to data from the Taiwan Textile Research Institute.


Photo courtesy of Singtex Industrial Company Ltd. 

Fabric technologies range from bio-medical smart textiles that measure vital signs such as heart rate and motion data through functional artificial fibers and semiconductors to smart textiles that measure athletic performance.

Eco-textiles presented by Tex-Ray Industrial Co. include a selection of durable non-toxic materials with a focus on function and a reduction of water and raw material usage during the manufacturing process. Its T-Cool and T-Hot fabrics are manufactured with fewer chemicals, and use less water for fancy colored fabrics through an Eco-lor dyeing technology. And its Recycle Poly and Blue Dye products limit the use of raw materials. The firm pledged that by 2020, it will decrease its CO2 emissions during raw material production through reducing water usage.

The Far Eastern New Century Corp. presented its Fenc TopDry Zero, which is the first PFC-free durable water-repellent polyester filament, according to the brand. Its effectiveness derives from a water-repellent polymer that offers “permanent” protection. Another new material, the Fenc TopClean, has a “nylon-like” texture and is the first PFC-free polyester filament that enables swift soil and stain removal. The firm also introduced its Fenc DynaFeed, a smart textile that measures real-time performance during athletic training through a durable, ultrathin organic matrix.

Two fabrics were introduced by QMI Industrial Co.’s Vast Tech arm: Aqua Terra and Roam Anywear Hood, which are sustainable, transitional fabrics for wear in the office or the outdoors. Each is equipped with a variety of functions, which include the Roam Anywear Hood’s feature that enables it to inflate and become a pillow.

Joseph C.L. Ma, the director general, said “[considering the] global growing trend in eco-friendliness, Taiwanese suppliers have devoted research and development to green technologies to meet customer demands and achieve goals of sustainability and corporate social responsibility.”

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