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PacSun isn’t placing all of its bets on Kendall and Kylie Jenner to attract Generation Z shoppers. The surf-inspired retailer has tapped Columbus Consulting International, a firm focused on providing holistic services ranging from planning and allocation to IT strategies, to unify its commerce channels.

“The Unified Commerce Roadmap that Columbus Consulting has helped us build is instrumental to our success as we work aggressively to meet the changing needs of our customers,” said Alan Flaesgarten, vice president of IT at PacSun. “Through Columbus Consulting’s work, we are now able to begin our journey to enable a seamless customer experience across all retail channels.”

The reaction is one that’s reverberating through the retail market — consolidate and reduce omnichannel friction points or peril, simply put. Under Columbus Consulting’s guidance, PacSun identified main roadblocks, which were subsequently addressed. The retailer additionally connected all technologies to enforce a seamless transition to a united commerce platform.

With the categorization and classification phase complete, PacSun is now deploying Columbus Consulting’s services to select products and solutions to realize and inform the updated strategies.

“I’ve been incredibly impressed at the vision they have for their retail business and the aggressive steps they’re taking to rapidly achieve those goals,” said Rick Amari, founder of Columbus Consulting.

Touting 422 store locations in the U.S., PacSun is one of the few retailers left standing that’s continued to attract Gen Z-ers as the young demographic flocks to e-commerce alternatives — the California-lifestyle retailer has wisely tapped the Jenner sisters to host in-store shopping events and other activations.

Columbus Consulting counts Coach, All Saints, Asos, Fashion Institute of Technology, Saks Fifth Avenue, Tory Burch and Walmart among its client roster.

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