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To usher in its 100th year, Panasonic is making a splash at SXSW with a smattering of product reveals and the debut of various business initiatives. From blockchain advancements to experiential aromatherapy technology aimed at the consumer journey, Panasonic will unveil how it intends to navigate the next 100 years.

“Both our new business ideas and original sessions are designed to help facilitate a conversation around the future of home appliances. We hope to open people’s minds to see what could be possible,” said Masa Fukata, director of Game Changer Catapult, the innovation team from Panasonic’s appliance company.

In addition to products that improve teeth-whitening and commercial kitchen optimization, Panasonic will present “Aromation.” Here the concept of consumer persuasion by way of aromatherapy is realized in technology that reaches a shopper’s emotions.

“Focusing on this trend, Aromation aims to use emotional tech to provide ‘intangible experiences.’ Depending on the mood or the music you happen to be listening to, the service provides the optimal ‘aroma’ in real time,” said a Panasonic spokesman. As retailers investigate how to best attract and maintain in-store shoppers, appealing to all senses offers a dynamic branding opportunity.

The technology company is extending new security measures for its home electronic business. During the festival, Panasonic will hold workshops with its Game Changer Catapult members and blockchain experts to propose concepts to boost security in the future.

Panasonic’s future life factory will be making an appearance during the festival and conference. As its design studio, the future life factory is centered on reinterpreting and elevating the idea of what a “rich lifestyle” means and how to best realize it, the spokesman said.

The studio space will serve as a sort of incubator and aim to gather existing and prospective partners to develop and engage with new notions for future business initiatives.

“Wear Space,” one of the latest pursuits devised within the future life factory, will be presented. “The wearable device is composed of noise-canceling headphones and a partition that enables the user to adjust the viewing angle, allowing you to create personal psychological space even in open-plan workspaces,” the spokesman explained of the product.

In addition to the future life factory, Panasonic’s Tokyo-based experiential group, 100Banch will reveal four emerging ideas. Arguably the most intriguing of those initiatives is “Kisaburo Kimono Project.” The venture aims to elevate kimono craftsmanship. “By combining kimonos with modern technology, Panasonic will help develop new textiles for kimono, push the traditional wear’s envelope, and pass on the kimono culture to future generations,” said the spokesman.

Panasonic will be on-site at SXSW from March 10 to 13. In addition to revealing various programs and product, the technology company will present “OpenHub,” a series of 10 thought-leader talks and panels regarding business, technology, society and culture.

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