A look at Perfect Corp.'s new Estée Lauder tech at CES.

Beauty tech company Perfect Corp. expanded its domain this week at CES, pushing further from virtual makeup and hair color try-ons to analysis for partners.

In addition to providing the technology behind Neutrogena’s revamped Skin360 app, the company is also pointing its artificial intelligence to in-store and mobile app features for Sally Beauty and Estée Lauder.

The company, a 2020 Innovation Awards honoree that makes augmented reality beauty try-on app YouCam, announced it will roll out an AI-driven hair feature this year for Sally Beauty.

YouCam will integrate new hair color features for Sally Beauty.  Adriana Lee

The YouCam app will integrate a feature that can analyze and identify 10 hair types, based on physical curliness. The subject need only take three selfie images at different angles, and the software will recommend products that suit.

The company also made its partnership with the Estée Lauder Cos. Inc. — for a skin analysis and foundation finder — official. As previously disclosed, the in-store feature will match customers to makeup foundation on the beauty counter, in addition to helping consumers find lipstick shades that work for them.

The tech uses AI deep learning for real-time skin-tone detection — which can scan more than 89,969 skin tones — and use the results to recommend product. The software also offers a slider, so shoppers can compare results to a live view of their real-world skin.

Completing its troika of announcements, the company is using its tech to drive analysis in Neutrogena’s revamped Skin360 app. Thanks to the changes, the Johnson & Johnson company managed to eliminate the need for its previous iPhone add-on accessory, making its analysis tool a software-only affair.

Perfect Corp. powers Neutrogena’s Skin360 analysis.  Adriana Lee

“This year, we are really pushing this concept of beauty tech 360, specifically focusing on artificial intelligence,” Adam Gam, Perfect Corp.’s vice president of marketing, told WWD. “In the early years at Perfect Corp., it was all about augmented reality and the virtual try-on, with the no movement toward having artificial intelligent being a more important part for beauty tech analysis and incorporating machine learning.

“We are now able to do more than just the makeup virtual try-on, and it expands us into all categories of beauty — including hair and skin,” he added. “These new smart AI solutions help you do analysis.”

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