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E-commerce companies that use Pitney Bowes’ “Complete Shipping API” solutions can now take advantage of a suite of financial features to help streamline e-commerce transactions.

The rollout includes flexible payment options as well as revolving lines of credit and prepay postage accounts that earn interest. Pitney Bowes describes the offering as “tailored flexible financial solutions” aimed to help its clients “manage cash flow and simplify postage payments across multiple accounts and multiple carriers.”

Chris Johnson, vice president of global financial solutions at Pitney Bowes, said the company recognizes that “shipping is an important part of our clients’ operations, but it’s not the only part.”

“Our clients need to manage their working capital needs, have the resources to invest in innovation, and ultimately run a profitable and healthy business,” Johnson explained. “That’s why, in addition to the benefits of a Complete Shipping Solution, Pitney Bowes offers flexible payment options and financial tools that can help our clients manage cash flow and save money over time.”

The launch of these features comes as e-commerce sales continue to grow, and includes a growing number of small- to mid-sized businesses selling and shipping goods on online marketplaces.

The Pitney Bowes Prepay Shipping Accounts are designed for e-commerce companies “who want to hold onto funds longer and manage payments in concert with fluctuating shipping volumes,” the firm noted.

“Another financial tool uniquely offered by Pitney Bowes is Purchase Power — a revolving line of credit that allows clients to match postage payments to cash flow cycles,” the company said, adding that with this feature it manages payments to the U.S. Postal Service and other carriers “on behalf of their clients and then sends a consolidated bill to the client.”

“When we work with a client to integrate our Shipping APIs, we don’t do it in a vacuum,” Johnson explained. “It is not enough to simply get the technology right. You also need to back it up with the service, support and business model that fits their specific needs and that they can depend on long-term.”

Complete Shipping APIs was launched by Pitney Bowes in 2016.

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