Bluecore, which serves 400 retailers — including Tommy Hilfiger, Perry Ellis, Teleflora, Staples and Best Buy Canada — built its Retail Performance Cloud entirely on Google Cloud.

Customers complained, and Pitney Bowes listened. After analyzing the responses of consumers in the company’s annual global e-commerce study, Pitney Bowes is now offering “Consumer Connect” — a self-service and post-purchase marketing platform for retailers and brands.

A spokeswoman for the company said the solution “helps retailers take advantage of every touchpoint along a customer’s journey, transforming post-purchase interactions from simply ‘order tracking’ into an advanced, seamless extension of brand experience.”

Pitney Bowes’ e-commerce survey found that 90 percent of U.S. consumers shopping online “will take an action that can hurt a retailer’s brand in response to a bad post-purchase experience.” Researchers at the company said these “reactions range from sharing their frustrations on social media to never purchasing from the offending site again.” And with Millennials, 30 percent of respondents “will go public about their poor experience, complaining in an online review or social media post, potentially affecting the buying decisions of their entire social networks.”

In response, Pitney Bowes developed Consumer Connect, which allows shoppers to track shipments, receive SMS and e-mail updates, “initiate returns with ease,” and take advantage of “relevant” promotions and offers. Overall, the platform fosters a more “meaningful way” for retailers and brands to connect with shoppers.

For retailers, the benefits include seamless returns as well as the ability to convert “tracking moments to merchandising moments” and to deploy “on-brand” tracking experiences as well as targeted, “post-purchase consumer engagement.”

Consumer Connect also empowers retailers and brands, giving them more control of the post-purchase experience. Lila Snyder, executive vice president and president of commerce services at Pitney Bowes, said retail and brand marketers “spend a tremendous amount of time and money attracting consumers and getting them to click the ‘buy’ button, only to leave them in the hands of third-party shipping partners for tracking and notifications until the package is delivered.”

“We know from industry data that a package will receive an average of eight tracking requests between shipment and delivery. In most cases, that experience is basic, boring and off-brand,” Snyder said. “Consumer Connect addresses this issue, transforming shipment tracking into a dynamic extension of a retailer’s brand experience, ultimately driving more meaningful consumer engagement and new revenue opportunities.”

Consumer Connect joins a growing cadre of solution providers aiming to improve the post-purchase shopping experience. This includes Narvar, which focuses on the customer experience immediately after they hit the “buy” button. Octane AI and Shopify have also zeroed in on the post-purchase space which, when executed in the right way, can boost conversion rates and increase shopper loyalty.

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