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Pitney Bowes has upgraded its fleet of customer engagement tools, called “Communicate Solutions,” which includes adding features that “augment digital and print communications” with the goal of helping retailers and brands “reach new audiences and expedite digital transformation.”

The initiative involved partnering with PointSource and Rapt Media, and included the launch of five new capabilities.

The company said the five new Communicate capabilities “will allow organizations to enhance digital engagement with their customers across touch-points. The latest iteration of the Communicate solutions will empower organizations to deliver relevant and engaging interactions across the customer lifecycle that ultimately strengthen the customer experience.”

The five new solutions include two video platforms, browser-based messaging, an email platform and a workflow manager tool. Pitney Bowes’ initial roll out of the Communicate platform was in 2016. The re-launch comes as the market demands a greater level of personalization and customization across channels.

“As these trends continue to progress, organizations will become more reliant upon solutions that can deliver consistent, data-driven experiences across communication channels, and incorporate an element of self-service that many consumers today seek,” the company said.

Chris Hall, vice president of customer engagement solutions at Pitney Bowes, said the so-called digital transformation occurring in the market today “isn’t just about incorporating technology into your business strategy. It’s the innovation and engagement you deliver with these technologies that matters most.”

When asked what is driving the need for improved consumer engagement, Hall told WWD that ultimately, “revenue is driving the need for improved customer engagement. Retailers need to ensure they stay considered, top of mind and top of wallet when consumers are researching future purchases. The most important moment for a retailer is immediately after the purchase. If the customer feels positive about the shopping experience – from research through delivery, then the emotional connection to the brand will be strong allowing the retailer to build a deeper relationship. If the customer feels negative, the retailer will need to work hard to renew the relationship.”

Hall also told WWD that the update of this technology reflects an inflection point in regard to consumer behavior. He said solutions are moving beyond customization and personalization and “toward understanding context” and driving toward “predictive engagement.”

“Customers provide a lot of direct and indirect signals allowing the retailer to know who they are and what their needs will be,” Hall told WWD. “Retailers need to intelligently make sense of those signals and anticipate their customers’ needs to drive a deeper relationship and build loyalty and advocacy.”

Mike Chadwick, head of business development at PointSource, said an “organization’s success comes down to two things: personalization and context. Our partnership with Pitney Bowes provides organizations with technology solutions that can deliver context through proprietary data to engage and communicate better through personalized offers and messaging.”


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