Vest by Vaude. Photo courtesy of PrimaLoft.

PrimaLoft, a materials science company, said it has introduced its first insulations made entirely from postconsumer recycled material. The technologies will be on display at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Denver on July 22 to 26.

Its PCR technology is offered within Silver Insulation, Black Insulation and Gold Insulation Luxe, which are all composed of 100 percent PCR material. The company noted that its Silver and Black PCR insulations are developed through a propriety process that involves reconstructing recycled plastic bottle chips into high-performance fibers. The firm said it aims for 90 percent of PrimaLoft insulation products to have at least 50 percent PCR content by 2020.

PrimaLoft has saved more than 84.7 million plastic bottles from landfills and converted them into premium insulation technologies, according to the firm. Through its “Relentlessly Responsible” program, the firm underscores its goal “to provide sustainable solutions throughout its business in order to lessen its impact on the earth,” and pledge to “[work] diligently to reduce its footprint through the supply chain with an emphasis on finding solutions for reducing energy, carbon emission reduction, utilizing biodegradable products and incorporating natural plant-based fibers in its products.”

Jacket by Vaude. Photo courtesy of PrimaLoft.  Florain Schneiderbanger

Mike Joyce, president and chief executive officer of PrimaLoft, said the firm “is committed to using performance to drive our sustainability efforts, as a part of our commitment to being ‘Relentlessly Responsible.’” The ceo went on to note that the advanced technologies used in the product “build upon the wide variety of choices we offer our brand partners who are looking to incorporate sustainable materials into their lines.”

“We are striking an ideal balance between performance and sustainability, advancing our products without sacrificing either characteristic,” Joyce said. “This is only a start. We will continue to be Relentlessly Responsible in our pursuit of reducing our environmental footprint.”

Brands featuring PrimaLoft’s 100 percent PCR technologies for summer and fall 2019 collections include Quicksilver, Roxy and Rossignol. Ecologically minded mountain sports brand Vaude said it will convert all of its products outfitted with Silver and Black insulations to the 100 percent PCR versions by summer 2019. Aaron Bittner, head of apparel division at Vaude, said, “One of our key goals is to increase the use of sustainable solutions that deliver the same performance consumers expect in our apparel. PrimaLoft, a long-standing ingredient partner, provides sustainable technology enabling us to use high-performance insulations made from 100 percent recycled material for the first time.”

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