procter & Gamble opté

For Procter & Gamble’s first foray at the Consumer Electronics Show, the company let loose new connected products across its beauty, health and skincare portfolio on Sunday.

“We are at CES because we want others to see how we are leading in applying technology to consumer packaged goods, and how we are sharing our experience and resources in partnerships that bring new products to life,” said Javier Polit, P&G’s chief information officer.

For instance, its SK-II Japanese cosmetics brand is getting a new, tech-driven retail environment called the Future X Smart Store. The goal is to deliver a hybrid “phygital” experience — which is clearly a portmanteau of physical and digital. The store will offer high-tech features like facial recognition and physical gesture interactions, as well as SK-II’s proprietary skin science and diagnostics.

SK-II’s Future X Smart Store 

Olay also welcomed a new update for its artificial intelligence-based Skin Advisor platform which uses selfies and questionnaires to analyze skincare and pump out recommendations. The company showcased one particularly interesting — and perhaps sobering — feature: The software can display a virtual side-by-side comparison of what a customer might look like in 10 years if he or she follows the advice, versus if the person doesn’t.

P&G also showed off Opté, one of the first brands to come out of P&G Ventures. The Opté Precision Skincare System blends camera optics, algorithms, printing technology and skincare science in one scanning device. The unit can detect hyper-pigmentation, and offers corrective serum with precision application.

The company took a cue from the IOT (Internet of Things) movement with its own connected appliance — but with a scented twist. Its AIRIA smart home fragrance system uses “patented, capillary action and heating technology” to put aromatic ambience at the touch of a button.

Additionally, the company showcased the Oral-B Genius X toothbrush, which uses AI to recognize user brushing habits and offer customized advice, and a new Heated Razor by GilletteLabs, for a tech version of a hot-towel shave.

“We’re innovating faster than ever, combining more than 180 years of capability with the entrepreneurial spirit of a lean startup,” said Kathy Fish, P&G’s chief research, development and innovation officer. “As consumers are changing, so are we. What remains the same is our focus on deeply understanding how consumers live, work and play so we know precisely what they want.

“When we combine breakthrough science and technologies with this deep consumer understanding, we’re able to deliver transformative innovations that improve life every day,” she said.

P&G plans to introduce more products this week through its immersive LifeLab exhibit at CES.