PTC has launched the latest version of its FlexPLM platform, “V12,” which the company said will help accelerate the digital transformation efforts of retailers via a “transformative user interface” that also “unleashes visual line collaboration, 3D workflows and embedded AI.”

The company said in a statement that the centerpiece of the V12 release “is a completely new user experience, with a highly modernized design that makes FlexPLM’s unmatched feature set more accessible than ever.”

“Visibility and speed have been drastically improved throughout, with all-new layouts and at-a-glance access to critical information, and navigation streamlined by the addition of universal tabs and action icons,” PTC noted. “Product images and other visual elements — including 3D objects and assets — are prioritized in the new design language, and a fully responsive interface maximizes screen real estate, eliminates scrolling, and allows content to reflow to fit different devices including desktops, smartphones and tablets.”

The launch follows a concerted effort in the retail industry to meet new consumer and business demands, which requires increased digitalization, faster lead times and smoother omnichannel approaches as well as greater efficiencies across the value chain.

“FlexPLM provides a world-class collaborative platform, and the new user interface will dramatically improve the usability of the system for our global PLM users,” said a spokesperson for fashion retailer C&A.

PTC said the V12 release also introduces “the Visual Line Collaboration app — the first in a series of powerful apps built on PTC’s award-winning ThingWorx digital transformation platform, designed to help brands and retailers overcome worldwide disruption and support remote working and digital collaboration through accessible, intuitive digitization of their critical processes.” The company said the release is designed for a more digitally connected market, which impacts both the back end and front end of retailers and brands.

Bill Brewster, senior vice president and general manager of PTC’s Retail Business Unit, said the pace of change and digital transformation “has accelerated dramatically due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This, combined with the continual compression of fashion cycles, is giving brands and retailers no choice other than to double down on technology in order to drive speed through their organization and bring more profitable products to market, faster.”

Brewster and PTC coined the term, “work@digitalspeed,” to described what it takes to keep pace and remain competitive in the current environment. “To achieve this, [retailers] need a retail digital transformation platform that includes a highly secure, enterprise-grade retail PLM-focused solution they can rely on day-to-day, and one that helps them prepare for future disruptions. This means integrated 3D design and development process workflows, embedded artificial intelligence, as well as scalability to fuel connectivity, visibility and collaboration internally and across the extended supply chain.”