souler platform

Dropship solution provider RevCascade is rolling out a new platform that allows social media influencers to sell branded products directly to their followers — and make a cut of the sales.

The influencer commerce platform creates a new retail ecosystem that connects brands and influencers with consumers. The platform has been in beta since last November and is now fully live. There are over 100 influencers on the online store site selling products from over 40 brands that “reach over a million consumers,” the company said in a statement today.

Josh Wexler, co-founder and chief executive officer of RevCascade, told WWD that Souler is a free-to-join online storefront. Influencers who sign up get 15 percent of sales. “Free for both approved brands and influencers, Souler opens a new revenue opportunity for both brands and influencers,” the company said.


Josh Wexler and Andrea Tobin, co-counders of RevCascade.  Photo bt Tom Mendes

“The idea behind Souler is that influencers reach hundreds of millions of consumers,” Wexler told WWD. ” This allows brands and influencers to reach these shoppers.”

In the statement, RevCascade said influencers can sell “their favorite products without the burden of managing physical inventory or the complexities of building their own e-commerce site, including processing orders and managing customer service.”

Wexler said Souler “connects the dots between brands and influencers, by making the experience seamless for consumers who want to purchase products featured by their favorite influencers.” RevCascade co-founder Andrea Tobin said that the platform “also opens a new revenue stream for brands by broadening their distribution to consumers.”

“The influencers create and personally curate their own store, and feature products that fit their social presence,” Tobin told WWD adding that the platform is easy to set up and use, taking just a few steps for influencers. For brands, participation is also fast and efficient, she said.

“Brands who sell items through Souler maintain total control of the influencers they choose to work with as well as all product pricing and merchandising,” the company said in its statement. “Once approved, brands can go live in as fast as 24 hours by utilizing the RevCascade suite of services including product management, merchandising, real-time inventory updates, transaction management, and custom reports. Souler gives brands the opportunity to broaden their distribution network, gain new customers, and increase revenue.”





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