Multimedia Plus just released a new mobile app called Incite aimed at strengthening the product knowledge and selling skills of sales associates.

The goal is to create a better in-store experience for shoppers by increasing the overall knowledge of retail store associates. The app is powered by QuizScore and works as a private broadcast network between managers and associates to deliver information and analytics via a dashboard interface. The app uses “video without streaming” and features real-time metrics and video training modules that associates can access during the “in-between time” of serving shoppers.

David Harouche, founder, chief executive officer and chief technology officer at the company, said “the greatest success in nurturing better, faster and smarter associates is happening on iPads and tablets in between customers.” Harouche said Incite is designed to leverage that time to “empower associates” while also creating an “all-encompassing tool for managers and executives.”

The app can be branded to “resonate with associates and reinforce company culture while driving business goals,” the company said in its product launch. Incite is designed to provide sales associates with information “when it’s relevant to impact business,” the company said, adding that real-time data metrics can show if merchandising strategies are working. And because it is a mobile app, the solution can be deployed locally or globally.

In an interview with Harouche last October, the ceo and founder discussed the importance of well-trained associates. He said “digitally savvy consumers are entering stores already well-informed, knowing about features, prices, and even other customer’s experiences. Shoppers are entering a store looking for an associate that knows more than they do and for a 360-degree brand experience.”

Better trained sales associates can help convert, up-sell and create loyal customers, Harouche said.

New technologies such as the Incite app are being launched as the industry steps up efforts to invest in sales associates. Last summer, the National Retail Federation and the NRF Foundation said it was earmarking funds and resources to “identify core competencies crucial to the success of front-line associates and determine how the industry can move forward to continue to develop its workforce.”

“This work will also include the development of forward-thinking training programs to address how the industry and its workforce needs are changing and evaluate effective ways of training employees at scale,” the NRF Foundation said in its statement.

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